"Just over one year with Spearhead Property Management taking care of my property in Mississauga. It's been a great experience. Looking forward to another year without any worries and late calls."

J. Vongril

"The staff at Spearhead has been very helpful and thorough in the managing my property. I like the online access I have to all my records and documents. I can see all the invoices, statements, and memos all in one place. Much better service than I have had in the past. I have recommended Spearhead Property management to all my contacts. Thank you for your services."

David Gomes

"Spearhead Property Management took over the management contract for my 3 buildings just over a year ago. After preparing my 2012 year end financials, I was very happy with the results SPM managed to produce. Rental rates were up, expenses were lower, AND some critical repairs I didn't know needed to be done were made that ended up saving me even more money. I am very happy with SPM and the staff. Much better than the last company and doing things myself. Give them a shot, you will not be disappointed."

Claudio Sinopoli

"I currently own 2 industrial properties in Brampton. Spearhead Property Management has managed them both for the past year and I have no hesitation to renew the contract indefinitely. They are very knowledgeable and client care is at the top of their priorities"

Victor M. Singh

"Very knowledgable and superb expertise. Great experience for myself and all my tenants. The online access to revenue and expense sheets is very convenient and updated in real time. I have no problem recommending Spearhead Property Management to anyone looking for great service and results"

Joseph Bambard

"It has been two years since I hired SPM to manage two properties. My experience has been great. I have had no issues with late time calls or emergencies. SPM has been on top of everything and it shows in the financial results. Two fully leased buildings and looking for a third. Don't wait, call Spearhead Property Management and you will be grateful that you did."

C. Wilson

"I hired Spearhead Property Management in late 2011. Within a short period, my expenses were under control and we put funds toward value added repairs and remedies. After an appraisal this year (2013) we found that my property gained significantly in value noting the increase in rental income and the repairs that were made. I would highly recommend Spearhead Property Management."

D. Goodyear

"Spearhead Property Management has given my 2 buildings a competitive edge by lower expenses and keeping the TMI rate lower than similar buildings in my area. Their online client care system is great, and allows me to keep track of the revenue and expenses. I highly recommend Spearhead Property Management to everyone"

Chris Puinto

"Spearhead Property Management has proven to be a great asset to me in the managing of my real estate portfolio. They are always on top of every aspect associated with the daily activities of my sites, and up-to-date on building codes and other legislation. I currently own 3 industrial buildings in the Pearson Airport area. Because of SPM, I am anxious to purchase more. Make the right decision - call Spearhead Property Management"

Adam Diberdino

"I have worked in property related services for over 30 years and I value the honest, dependable and reliable property management services Spearhead Property Management brings to the industry. It is important in our day and age that we have people with fresh innovative ideas and directions. I would highly recommend Spearhead Property Management Ltd."

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