It is the mission of Spearhead Property Management Ltd. to provide complete and comprehensive property management services in Toronto and the surrounding areas. We strive to maximize profits and control expenses for our clients through innovative processes and strategic alliances.


Originally, Spearhead Property Management Ltd. was created to service the needs of a small group of investors. However, after one year in operation we found many other opportunities and began expanding our portfolio. With more clients, we made additions to our staff and contractor networks. We sought out talented and ambitious individuals ready to pool experience, ideas and skills, to create one of the best customer service teams available. Our clients have become accustomed to levels of service other companies read about on motivational posters in lobbies.

To service our clients, we have made it a point to stay ahead of the competition by constantly learning and implementing new technologies and construction methods + materials, marketing strategies, fire safety and building standards.

We work with highly talented architects, engineers and contractors to design and build more efficient, higher quality and longer lasting building + property elements and systems at cheaper prices than anyone else. We keep clients updated in real-time with our Client Care Portal - a web-based solution for document management, transparency, full disclosure, and peace of mind. According to clients, it gets addictive.

At SPM, we strive to exceed our clients expectations and be the reflections of their success. We utilize all resources and networks available to give the best customer care experience. Our round-the-clock services tackle all emergencies, requests and daily activities. With our strategic alliances, we maximize revenues and control expenses. Our team is ready. We look forward to future possibilities.