Always render more and better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be.
— Og Mandino

Spearhead Property Management Total Quality Service

With hands-on experience we are able to provide full and comprehensive property management services ranging from bookkeeping to structural maintenance. To meet client goals, we develop property specific business plans to maximize asset values and cash flows. Our services and dedication are unmatched.

Our in-house accounting, legal, leasing and maintenance departments allow for consistent and fluid service for our clients. Site inspections are assessed on a regular basis and maintenance budgets are adjusted. We develop and maintain communication with occupants creating a front line for updates and requisitions.

From our online client care system, clients can oversee revenue and expense reports, requisitions and invoices, bank and cash-flow statements, and all other communications and memorandums. All information is kept private and confidential within a secure password protected environment. Specific access can be granted to personal accounts, legal representative and/or business partners, with monitored access and specific login information, as requested by the client.

Our team will assess current property standards and the condition of all systems and components. At the request of the client, we can create cost-effective budgets to include redesigning and replacement of out-of-date components. These potential updates will be compared and implemented based on the client's goals and highest value adding potential. All options are directly analyzed and compared to market conditions and regulations. Reports are property specific, however budgets are correlated throughout a portfolio.

Furthermore, we review and study current financial documents and prepare analysis reports, risk to value assessments and executive summaries. We strive to keep costs and expenses as low as possible to afford the opportunity for competitive pricing and lease rates to our clients.

Our main goal is to be the reflection of our clients' success.


Clients have access to our team members 24/7 from real time updates through the online client care portal and extended office hours. Tenants, landlords, trades, fire, police and emergency services can communicate directly to our team members through our emergency contact line with questions, concerns and updates. Our team is experienced and prepared to help our clients succeed in the real estate market.